Conformity Requirements

The Conformity Form and Conformity Form Package are designed for organizations planning to develop and deploy Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) projects in Maryland. The Conformity Form should be completed by all ITS project initiators early in the planning process and submitted to the Maryland ITS Architecture Advisory Panel (IAAP). The IAAP will review the submission and verify that the planned project conforms to the Maryland Statewide ITS Architecture. The Conformity Form Package furnishes guidance and instructions on filling out the form.

Conformity Form (DOC)

Conformity Form Package (PDF)

Ensuring architectural conformity will net the following benefits for Maryland:

  • Expedite development and deployment of ITS
  • Promote interoperability
  • Encourage efficient investment
  • Enable more effective planning and programming
  • Give credibility to conforming ITS projects
  • Provide enhanced transportation services forMaryland

Federal requirements mandate that conformity with the Maryland Architecture be demonstrated for all ITS projects funded using Federal Highway Trust Fund dollars. This includes projects funded from the Mass Transit account.