Using the Architecture

This section will help guide you through the Maryland Statewide ITS Architecture website to find the information you want.

Searching by Elements
An Element is the basic building block of the Architecture, and is used by stakeholders to describe a system or piece of a system. If you know your Element’s name, click on “Elements” on the left side of the page. This will take you to an alphabetical listing of all Elements. Clicking on your Element will take you to the Element’s homepage, from which you can find a link to a PDF file with detailed information about the Element’s Information Flows to other Elements.

Searching by Stakeholders
A stakeholder is a public agency, private organization, or the traveling public with a vested interest in the transportation Elements of the Architecture. To find a stakeholder’s Element, click on “Stakeholders” on the left. Find the stakeholder or from the list. Clicking on the stakeholder takes you to the stakeholder’s page, with links to its Elements as well as a listing of its related stakeholders and facilities. Clicking on the Element takes you to the Element’s homepage and links to a PDF file with more detailed information.

Searching by Subsystem
Subsystems are the basic structural elements of the Architecture. They are grouped by transportation category, and encompass several Elements. Click on the “Subsystem Diagram” to the left. Then click on your subsystem in the diagram. This will display the subsystem’s page, and will include a listing of Elements within that subsystem. Choose your Element, which takes you to the Element’s homepage and links to a PDF file with more detailed information.

Searching for Standards
ITS standards are industry-consensus system standards that define how components operate within a consistent framework. Standards are accessible via the National ITS Architecture. First, click on the “Standards” button on the left. From the “Standards page, click on the link below to go to the National ITS Architecture website to see a listing of all possible Information Flows in the Architecture. Information flows that have relevant standards are indicated by a blue “Standards” flag. Clicking on the applicable Information Flow will take you to more detailed information about the flow, including its relevant standards.

Full Architecture Document
For the full Maryland Statewide ITS Architecture in PDF form, click on “Full Architecture Document” on the left and follow instructions.

More information on ITS Architectures
The National ITS Architecture is an effort by the US Department of Transportation that serves as the basis for regional and statewide Architectures. The National ITS Architecture website provides in depth information about the national effort. Access this website by using this link.

For a listing of architecture flow definitions, subsystem/terminator definitions, and acronyms, click on “Definitions and Acronyms” on the left side of the page.

Conformity Requirements
The Conformity Form and Conformity Form Package are designed for organizations planning to develop and deploy Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) projects in Maryland. The Conformity Form should be completed by all ITS project initiators early in the planning process and submitted to the Maryland ITS Architecture Advisory Panel (IAAP). The IAAP will review the submission and verify that the planned project conforms to the Maryland Statewide ITS Architecture. The Conformity Form Package furnishes guidance and instructions on filling out the form. More information is available by downloading the Conformity Form Package. The form can be accessed by clicking on “Conformity Requirements” link on the left side of the page.