Company Name Name Phone Email
APX Enclosures, Inc. David Ayers 6823078868 [email protected]
Individual Jim Maguire 4105984716 [email protected]
Student Mohammad Bilal Mohammad Al-khasawneh 7403319916 [email protected]
Student Yen-Lin Huang 6462560193 [email protected]
Student Niloufar Ebadi 3018005337 [email protected]
Individual Joshua Manriquez 5043308825 [email protected]
Student mohammad safaritaherkhani 8659105278 [email protected]
Student Sterlyn Slater (267)-994-3251 [email protected]
Student Vincent Cantera VincentCantera [email protected]
- Stacey Craft - [email protected]
WSP K.R. Marshall - [email protected]
Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP Jeff Cheng 443-224-1709 [email protected]
Wavetronix Stewart Williams 804-357-0513 [email protected]
Wanco Inc. Dan Lorine 303-427-5700 [email protected]
Wallace Montgomery & Associates John Rectanus, PE, PTOE 410-494-9093 [email protected]
Versilis Jeremy Orawiec 844-837-7454 [email protected]
University of Maryland Tom Jacobs 301-405-7328 [email protected]
Turnkey Technology Corp Rich Doyle 301-831-5974 [email protected]
TrafficVision Joel Shindeldecker 937-308-6142 [email protected]
Traffic Systems & Technology Roger Hale 703-216-8432 [email protected]
Traffic Safety Supplies Steven Brown 540-878-0343 [email protected]
Traffic Logix Mark Gregory 518-744-8568 [email protected]
toXcel, LLC Erin Filler 443-857-7697 [email protected]
T3 Design Amy Morris 703-359-5861 [email protected]
Sushmita Mitra Sushmita Mitra - [email protected]
STV Incorporated Seth Young 410-281-2854 [email protected]
Schneider Electric Marcelino Romero - [email protected]
Rybinski Engineering Lisa Hetrick 302.593.5811 [email protected]
Rybinski Engineering Alyssa May 860-803-7261 [email protected]
RK&K Engineers, LLP Brian Grandizio 410.462.9457 [email protected]
Richard Mudge Richard Mudge 301-529-3834 [email protected]
Maryland State Highway Administration Raj Sharma 443-850-5885 [email protected]
PRIME AE Group, Inc. Alvin Powell 410.654.3790 [email protected]
Pennoni Brian R. Keaveney (610) 422-2368 [email protected]
Open Roads Consulting, Inc. Chelsie McKittrick 757-546-3401 [email protected]
Noblis LaMont McAliley 202-551-1182 [email protected]
Navtech Radar Limited Daniel Flynn 321-427-8873 [email protected]
Montgomery County DOT John Riehl 240-777-2190 [email protected]
Michael Pack Michael Pack - [email protected]
Metropolitan Washington COG Andrew Meese 202-962-3789 [email protected]
Megan Orcutt Megan Orcutt - [email protected]
Mead and Hunt Ziad Sabra 443-741-3501 [email protected]
McCain, Inc. Craig Hinners 443-315-7036 [email protected]
Maryland Transportation Authority Roxane Mukai - [email protected]
Maryland State Highway Administration Mohammed Raqib - [email protected]
Kittelson & Associates, Inc. Bailey Lozner 202-836-4005 [email protected]
Kiera Crenny - University of Delaware Kiera Crenny 610-710-6857 [email protected]
Johnson Mirmiran & Thompson Matt Wolniak 410-329-3100 [email protected]
Janet Frenkil Janet Frenkil - [email protected]
Jacobs Diederick VanDillen 410-837-5840 [email protected]
J.O. Herbert Company, Inc. John Herbert 804-763-6480 [email protected]
Iteris, Inc. Ginny Acosta - [email protected]
Howard County - DPW Subin George - [email protected]
HNTB Rakesh Nune 703-399-0696 [email protected]
HDR Engineering, Inc. Ellen Forrest - [email protected]
General Dynamics Information Technology Sam Jallad 443-393-9531 [email protected]
Fortis Consulting Services Corp Oleg V Pekerman 347-528-2245 [email protected]
E‐Squared Engineering Richard Easley 703-858-5588 [email protected]
Endesco, Inc Bo Yuan 301-987-8776 [email protected]
Delaware Department of Transportation Gene Donaldson 302-659-4602 [email protected]
Daniel Consultants, Inc Tanya King 410-995-0090 [email protected]
Daktronics Kevin Palmeter 605-692-0200 [email protected]
Costar Technologies, Inc Gerry Amato 410-381-5000 [email protected]
Control Technologies Jim Lampe 703-966-2720 [email protected]
BlueHalo, LLC Xiaoliang (George) Zhao 301.294.5232 [email protected]
Baltimore Metropolitan Council Eileen Singleton 410-732-0500 x 1033 [email protected]
Altus Group Roger Boothe 240-439-9027 [email protected]
AECOM Angela Castagna 410-891-9528 [email protected]
AECOM Tim Ryan 410-785-7220 [email protected]
A. Morton Thomas and Associates, Inc. Jack Goode 301-881-2545 [email protected]
Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc. Lawrence Laynburd 703-752-0598 [email protected]
Route 7 Media its 123123123 [email protected]