An alphabetical listing of all acronyms used in the Maryland Statewide ITS Architecture document.

AOC Authority Operations Center
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
ATIS Advanced Traveler Information Systems
ATR Automatic Traffic Recorder
AVCM ATM Video Control Manager
AVL Automatic Vehicle Location
BRT Bus-Rapid Transit
BWI Baltimore-Washington International
C2C Center-to-Center
CAD Computer Aided Dispatch
CapWIN Capital Wireless Information Net
CCTV Closed-Circuit Television
CHART Coordinated Highways Action Response Team
CTP Consolidated Transportation Plan
CVISN Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks
CVO Commercial Vehicle Operations
DDOT District Department of Transportation (Washington, D.C)
DEO Division of Emergency Operations
DPW (&T) Department of Public Works (& Transportation)
DVR Digital Video Recording
DMS Dynamic Message Sign
EMS Emergency Medical Services
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EORS Emergency Operations Reporting System
ETC Electronic Toll Collection
ETP Emergency Traffic Patrols
ERU Emergency Response Unit
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FITM Freeway Incident Traffic Management
FM Frequency Modulated
GPS Global Positioning System
HAZMAT Hazardous Materials
HAR Highway Advisory Radio
HIB Hazard Identification Beacon
HOT High-Occupancy Toll
HQ Headquarters
IAAP ITS Architecture Advisory Panel
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
IP Internet Protocol
IRIS Intelligent Roadside Information System
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISP Information Service Provider
ITS Intelligent Transportation System(s)
LATA Local Access Transport Area
LED Light Emitting Diode
MAA Maryland Aviation Administration
MATOC Metropolitan Area Transportation Operations Coordination
MCD Motor Carrier Division
MD Maryland
MDE Maryland Department of the Environment
MDOT Maryland Department of Transportation
MDSHA Maryland State Highway Administration
MDTA Maryland Transportation Authority
MEMA Maryland Emergency Management Agency
MIDP Mobile Information Device Profile
MIEMMS Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems
MITS-WG Maryland ITS Working Group
MMTIS Multi-modal Traveler Information System
MNCPPC Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPA Maryland Port Administration
MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization
MPSTOC McConnell Public Safety Transportation Operations Center (Virginia)
MSP Maryland State Police
MTA Maryland Transit Administration
MVA Motor Vehicle Administration
MWCOG Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
NOC Network Operations Center
NRO Northern Region Operations (Virginia DOT)
NTCIP National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol
OOTS Office of Traffic and Safety
PDA Personal Digital Assistants
PND Personal Navigation Devices
RITIS Regional Integrated Transportation Information System
RLCSS Reversible Lane Control Signal System
RSVD Roadside Vehicle Detection
RTMS Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor
RWIS Road Weather Information System
SDO Standards Development Organization
SOC Statewide Operations Center
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TFO Traffic Field Operations
TMC Traffic (or Transportation) Management Center
TMDD Traffic Management Data Dictionary
TOC Traffic Operations Center
TRIP Traffic Response Information and Partnership (Prince George’s County)
TRS Toll Rate Signs
UMD-CATT University of Maryland Center for Advanced Transportation Technology
USDOT United States Department of Transportation
VDOT Virginia Department of Transportation
VEIP Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program
VMS Variable Message Sign
WAN Wide Area Network
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
WMATA Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority