CHART Centers

Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (CHART) Centers is a Specific Element that represents the systems and personnel responsible for improving the real-time
operations of Maryland’s highway system through teamwork and technology. This includes the Statewide Operation Center (SOC), CHART Traffic Operations Centers
(TOCs, including: Eastern Shore Traffic Operations (ESTO), which is housed in the SOC; CHART Greenbelt TOC 3; CHART Golden Ring TOC 4; and CHART Frederick
TOC 7), and the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Network Operations Center (NOC) in Hanover, MD. The CHART SOC, also located in Hanover, houses the
backbone database for multiple transportation operations in Maryland, and provides a connection between the regional CHART Traffic Operations Centers (TOCs) located
throughout the state, as well as various other transportation Stakeholder agencies. Specific systems housed at the SOC include the CHART Advanced Traffic Management
System (ATMS), the Emergency Operations Reporting System (EORS), the CHART website (“CHART Web”), among others. CHART is responsible for operating ITS
systems, traffic control, coordinating with other agencies during incidents, and performing other traffic engineering to improve highway operations.

CHART Centers Element Architecture

Flow definitions – General definitions of the Information Flows used in the document

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