CVO Administrative Offices and Systems

Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) Systems Centers is a Generic Element that includes both the systems and the personnel responsible for performing administrative
functions supporting credentials, tax, road usage, and safety regulations for commercial vehicles. It also issues credentials, collects fees and taxes, and supports enforcement of road usage and credential requirements. This Element also includes the Maryland Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) systems.

CVO Administrative Offices and Systems Element Architecture

Flow definitions – General definitions of the Information Flows used in the document

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  • Maryland SHA Motor Carrier Division (MCD) Offices
  • Titling and Registration Issuance System (TARIS 2)
  • Maryland International Registration Plan (MIRP) System
  • MVA/MDOT Mainframe
  • Automated Hauling Permitting System (AHPS)
  • Maryland Hazardous Waste Vehicle Certification System
  • Maryland Fuel Tax System
  • OneStop Credentialing Portal (planned system)
  • PreVIEW
  • Heavy Vehicle Registration System (HVRS)