CVO Inspection Systems/ Facilities

Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) Inspection Facilities is a Generic Element that represents CVO inspection facilities and associated equipment, personnel, and systems
that support vehicle identification for credential checking, roadside safety inspections, and weigh-in-motion checks.

CVO Inspection Systems / Facilities Element Architecture

Flow definitions – General definitions of the Information Flows used in the document

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  • Titling and Registration Issuance System (TARIS 2)
  • PrePass
  • VINAssist
  • Maryland Interagency Law Enforcement System (MILES)
  • National Crime Information Center (NCIC 2000)
  • Mainline Roadside Sensors Ramp/Portable/Facility Sensors
  • Virtual Weigh Station System (VWS)
  • PreVIEW
  • Carrier Automated Performance Review Information (CAPRI)
  • Safety Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER)
  • Performance and Registration Information Systems Management Program (PRISM) — Planned Activity
  • MDTA Police Inspection Installations and Systems
  • Maryland State Police Inspection Installations and Systems
  • Commercial Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010 — Planned System
  • Inspection Selection System (ISS)
  • Truck Weigh and Inspection System (TWIS)
  • MSP Electronic Traffic Information eXchange (ETIX)
  • Thermal Brake-Imaging Infrared Camera System