Metropolitan Area Transportation Operations Coordination (MATOC)/Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS) is a Specific Element that represents MATOC operations staff and RITIS database and operational systems used to improve incident and transportation information dissemination within the Washington Metropolitan region. MATOC is a regionally oriented program working in parallel with RITIS initiatives to provide operational staff to coordinate regional-level transportation and incident management between Metropolitan Washington area Stakeholders, facilitate use and implementation of RITIS, enhance standard operating procedures and notification practices, and provide more timely and accurate transportation information to the public during incidents. RITIS refers to a system developed by the University of Maryland to interface various regional transportation and emergency operations centers, collect, fuse and disseminate their electronic data streams, and display the consolidated data in a web-based format. RITIS also archives all data for research purposes.

MATOC/RITIS Element Architecture

Flow definitions – General definitions of the Information Flows used in the document

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