Transit Management Centers

Transit Management Centers is a Generic Element that represents locations that are responsible for managing paratransit and fixed-route transit vehicle fleets, as well as coordinating with other modes and transportation services. This Element provides operations, maintenance, customer information, planning, and management functions for the transit service. This Element spans distinct central dispatch and garage management systems and supports the spectrum of fixed route, flexible route, paratransit services, transit rail, and bus rapid transit (BRT) service.

Transit Management Centers Element Architecture

Flow definitions – General definitions of the Information Flows used in the document

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  • Allegany County Transit (ACT)
  • AMTRAK Center
  • Baltimore County Ride
  • City of Annapolis Department of Transportation
  • County Commuter (Washington County)
  • D.C. Regional Electronic Transit Clearing House
  • Frederick County TransIT
  • Harford County Mass Transit
  • Howard County Public Transportation
  • Montgomery County Ride On Operations Center
  • Ocean City Bus System
  • Prince George’s County – TheBus
  • St. Mary’s County Transit System
  • Worchester County Ride
  • Washington County Commuter
  • Charles County VanGO
  • Calvert County Public Transportation