2024 ITS MD Officer & Board Nominations – DUE Sepember 29, 2023

It is time to consider nominating members to serve as directors and officers on the ITS Maryland Board.  We are accepting nominees for the following positions:

PresidentChapter Leader
Vice PresidentAnnual Meeting Committee Chairperson
TreasurerFiscal Responsibilities for the Chapter
SecretaryDocument/Record Chapter Activities
Board Members (6)Provide guidance to the Chapter

Officers and Board Members have a responsibility to be active members of ITS Maryland, which includes attending Board of Director meetings, ITS MD sponsored events, the Annual Meeting, participating on subcommittees, and other events throughout their term.  We expect to be nominating up to six (6) new board member positions this year so we need acceptable nominees for those positions. If you would like to nominate members for these positions, who would be willing to serve on the ITS Maryland Board or as an Officer, please submit your nomination as soon as possible but no later than Friday September 29, 2023.  As an organization, we have won chapter achievement awards at the national level due in large part to ideas and efforts of our distinguished board members.  New board members will bring new ideas which will in turn take our organization to new heights.  We promise a rewarding experience on both the personal and career levels.  Please consider becoming a leader in ITS Maryland – your organization.

You may submit your nominations to Kyle Tarnoviski, Board Member – ITS Maryland, electronically at [email protected].  The nomination form can be found here.

A list of current ITS Maryland Officers and Board Members is included in the nomination form.

Only one nomination form will be accepted per member firm. 

The Nominating Committee will consider all suggestions, review all nominations from member firms to verify that each nominee is a member in good standing and the organization has paid all fees owed to the Chapter, and then will compile a slate of candidates for balloting by the voting members of ITS Maryland. An official ballot shall be sent electronically to each member eligible to vote around October 2, 2023. The election results will be announced at the Annual Chapter meeting on Wednesday October 25, 2023.  Remember, you can self-nominate or nominate another good candidate – with their permission! Thank you for your continuing support of ITS Maryland.

Please remember to pay your organization’s membership dues to lock in membership pricing and to remain eligible to nominate and vote on 2024 Officers and Board Members.
Kyle Tarnoviski, P.E., PTOE
Board Member – ITS Maryland
Telephone: 610-385-8344
Email: [email protected]